Just Say NO!

No Streaking, No Orange, No Harsh Chemical Smell

No Parabens, Alcohol, Preservatives or Fragrances


What We’re Made Of

DHA(dihydroxyacetone, it’s what makes you tan), Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Caramel, Coconut & Vanilla – That’s it!


Two Formulas

Regular – Wait about 7 hours until showering

Rapid – When you need a tan Fast.  Shower in as little as 3 hours
Color and Staying Power are the same.



Regular – $47
4 Pack – $179
8 Pack – $329

Rapid – $54
4 Pack – $204
8 Pack – $368




-The week prior to tanning, exfoliate and moisturize daily.

-Morning of tan, Shower and EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!

-DO NOT USE an oil based exfoliater the day of the tan.

-SHAVE WHERE DESIRED. The alcohol in shaving creams will shorten the life of your tan.

-Do not apply any body lotions or deodorants. You may on a small amount of facial moisturizer.

-Remove make-up/face creams.

-Wear loose clothing to the tanning session.

-Wear old, dark colored undergarments or a bathing suit for tanning.

-Do not wear any jewelry (including earrings) that would cause uneven tanning.